Www jw dating com older black women dating white men

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Jehovah’s Witness youths are taught that the most important trait in a potential mate is their spirituality, which to Jehovah’s Witnesses means the level to which they engage in activities that promote the Watchtower organization.

The Watchtower teaches that such activities are sacred service to God Almighty Jehovah, and the level to which one engages in such activities demonstrates how much they love Jehovah.

In my mind, the Watchtower version of reality was reality.

I had been raised from infancy believing the claims of the Watchtower organization to be true and solidly founded.

Thus, what logical person would not want to be paired with an individual who really loved Jehovah, and demonstrated it by doing endless organizational activities?

The reason for this was because, much to the honor of the young women in the area, they left in higher numbers than the young men.Suddenly, out of nowhere, my wife gets this wild look in her eyes.She needs to call her former roommate because she wants to spend the night there.Not only did my wife not support me in any way, shape or form, but she actively drained me and verbally abused me, leaving me with even less energy for my spiritual duties.It was the cauldron of this living hell that finally caused me to wake up.

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