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My 2 girls were very pleased with the Plato Science middle school modules.

My daughter followed along and took notes in the study guide, and I think her retention of the material was much better.

That time we used it as an adjunct to a course and this time we are using it alone since the Plato cou...(more)My son completed the Middle School Earth Science.

Although we are not using it this year (that son is now in school) we will definitely consider it for son #2, and I have recommended it to friends.

We are now using PLATO for the second time, Earth and Space, as my 12 year old son LOVED his previous "online science program", Life Science.

My son has to work, take notes, and respond while we are working on the course.And that we belong.”She handed off the microphone to Fulton, who has the rowdy, self-deprecating charm of a stand-up comedian, and the self-admitted lack of physical fitness prowess that generally accompanies that profession.“I’d like to be the first tonight to say, ‘Welcome to the home of the infantry!” she yelled as women clinked plastic cups with a pride that trumped a touch of wistfulness.“It is certainly bittersweet for me to be here,” Pfluke said.If you do, you will most likely be matched with members with whom you share little in common.On a traditional dating site you need to search manually for the members you would like to contact, then write them a message.

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