Working memory and updating processes in reading comprehension brugernavn p dating

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The results showed that the interpreters detected more syntactic and semantic errors than monolinguals, nontrained bilinguals and interpreting students. We discussed the consequences of bilingualism, working memory capacity, and training in interpreting on text comprehension.

This article reviews research on working memory (WM) and its use in second language (L2) acquisition research.

The participants performed an error-detection task in which they read English texts and tried to identify lexical, syntactic, and semantic errors embedded in texts.

After reading, global comprehension of the texts was assessed by means of a sentence verification task and open/ended questionnaire.

Recent developments in the model and issues surrounding the operationalization of the construct itself are presented, followed by a discussion of various methods of measuring WM.

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A number of tests were carried out to assess the level of reading comprehension, verbal skills, reading fluency, working memory and inhibitory processes. Centro De Investigación en Procesos Básicos, Metodologías y Educación; Argentina.

Results show that levels of reading comprehension, working memory, inhibitory processes (deletion and restraint) and verbal skills are related. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas; Argentina Fil: Canet Juric, Lorena. Centro De Investigación en Procesos Básicos, Metodologías y Educación; Argentina Fil: Naveira, Liliana.

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