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Best of all, the podcasts are free and you can listen to them on your own schedule.They currently have 120 podcasts available, going back to 2012 (with an additional podcast from 2002).The men know that women they meet in The League are career oriented, intelligent, ambitious and are working just as hard.That’s the kind of ethos that we want our community to have.” The League has been described as Tinder for the elites.

You can simply download the podcast of whatever church appeals to you, and listen to sermons on your phone, laptop or tablet device.

Have An Affair.” That is what I have spent the last three days trying to do.

Millions of adulterous users of the website Ashley Madison – which bills itself as a dating site for married people – have spent this week worrying about having their membership and their cheating secrets revealed after a group calling itself Impact Team hacked into their profiles.

On a separate account, posing as a woman, I get chatting to a male user.

We are working with law enforcement agencies, which are investigating.

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