Who is talia balsam dating

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In her adolescent years, Balsam attended a boarding school in Tucson, Arizona.

Talia Balsam is currently in a marital relationship with her husband of many years, John Slattery.

Balsma continues to be showcased in a number of other series such as Wainy Days, Homeland, The fantastic Wife, The Newsroom and far more.

Talia is also a favorite and recognizable face from the films where she left her first acting existence through, 1979 film Sunnyside. Talia introduced herself at the role of Jackie Telesco at American romantic comedy movie Small Manhattan.

Balsam’s spouse, Slattery is an American actor and director who also loves skiing and surfing. John Slattery, however, is not the first love of Balsam’s life.

As a matter of fact, she was in a marital relationship with her former husband, George Clooney for around three years.

Talia is a girl of celebrity dad Martin Balsam and celebrity mother Joyce Van Patten.

The avearage earning of an American actor/actress per year is ,110 and /14 per hour.

As a result, she has also amassed a good amount of wealth and widespread fame.

Talia is also popular as the daughter of American character actor, Martin Balsam, and actress, Joyce Van Patten.

Talia had a affair with American actor George Clooney after a year of relationship they wed in Las Vegas in 1989.

And after 4 decades of the marriage they split from 1993 after she issued an instance for divorce.

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