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The annotation is written into the confidential portion of the membership record which only a few select people can access.

I've noticed with the CHI #1 & #2, tscc deliberately leaves things vague but a great deal is implied.

Also, her cousin, David Schwimmer, is in fact Jewish. She does have some Jewish physical features to her and it seems that she has a tattoo in Hebrew on…

However, her mother's last name was Kaufman and her father's Schwimmer, both of Jewish ancestry it seems.

Benji Schwimmer is a world renowned dancer and choreographer.

He is best known for winning Season 2 of the hit tv show So You Think You Can Dance.

How I wish my mom could watch this with an open heart and then tell me how he was wrong. There's a productive way to interview people, and still keep their attention.First, governments collect taxes; they do not pay taxes. Taxes are paid either by a business or by a consumer. Who pays the tariff tax depends on 1) how many alternatives are available for the same price, and 2) how willing consumers are to do without the product or reduce usage of the product if the price goes up. Someone who has been in a Bishopric or Stake Presidency might be able to comment more fully on this. When the lawyers are calling the shots, things get very risk averse. There was no way I could even come out to myself until I was actually out of the church.This isn't even in sync with the doctrine of repentence. Once I finally came to terms with my sexuality, it couldn't have taken me more than three weeks before I knew I couldn't ever be in this church. You can feel the pain and struggle this man has gone through. My brain just wouldn't let me admit that I'm gay.

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