Wher is a good chat cuckold

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This year, Slack even acquired its original closest competitor, Hip Chat, along with Hip Chat's newer replacement Stride.

Slack is easily the most popular team chat app today. Slack's built-in Slackbot tool can remind you of messages—or set a reminder about anything you need to remember.

Slack's the 900 pound gorilla in the room, the team chat app you've most likely heard of and tried already.

Launched in mid-2013 by the team that built Flickr, it quickly became one of the most popular ways to chat in groups.

Groups typically are public where everyone can join in.Today, over half of those apps are dead—and a dozen new apps have taken their place.We've tested them all so you can pick the best team chat app in 2018.You can join multiple teams in Slack to keep your reading group, side project, and work chat all together in the same app.channel, it's easy to miss out on valuable info if you don't read through every message.

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