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It’s also a good sign if he says anything about wanting get closer to you, or if he expresses a desire to be in a relationship.

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Some people find this topic too taboo to bring up at all. While it’s always best to confirm that your feelings about the relationship are mutual, taking notice of these signs will help you feel more confident that the relationship is progressing in the desired direction.

But by the time we got around to officially rubber-stamping the boyfriend/girlfriend titles into our relationship, I already thought we were exclusive.

*** Clearly this wasn’t our best, most romantic conversation ever.

Some guys are committed to their single life, other guys date with the attitude of “If I meet an amazing woman, Look at these behaviors, and listen to your gut, and you’ll have a sense of whether this guy is truly pursuing you or whether he just sees you as someone to date at his convenience.

Give it a few weeks or a month of dating so you can see his behavior over a period of time, rather than judging him on a single week.

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