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Place the curser over the controls to reveal the name of the control.

If you need to use controls that are not in the toolbox then right click inside of the toolbox and choose Addition Controls. As you scroll down you will see some controls have an (x) in the box on the left hand side. To add additional controls add an (x) in the box and click OK.

The only rules that apply are not to use a reserved VBA keyword nor add spaces in the name.

Note: At this stage of the project your userform should now have a name and a caption.

From the ribbon on your Excel spreadsheet choose Formulas/Name Manager/New then add the name below and the formula to create three dynamic named ranges. When you click inside the userform you should see a dotted border around it.

vba allow screenupdating-16

vba allow screenupdating-29

vba allow screenupdating-31

vba allow screenupdating-28

You can add a large variety of controls to the userform.

I have a form that i am using that I would like to update at certain points in the code.

I have the screenupdating set to false but it seems that this is keeping the userform from refreshing as well.

You have the choice of Alphabetic or Categorized tabs at the top of the Properties dialog box to choose from.

Top Tip: Once you have formatted one label right click and copy it eleven times onto the form.

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