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Note about web authoring (Tableau Online and Tableau Server): If you connect to a published flat file (Excel or text) directly in Tableau Online or Tableau Server, that data will not be refreshed even if it’s modified.If your data is in an on-premises server and is published to the web through Tableau Desktop, it will be rendered as an extract and won’t be refreshed.

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That method requires that you identify all JSF components and write them into your JSF pages.

A live connection sends queries to the database and updates the view depending on the results.

However, the specific fields queried are defined when the connection is initially created.

Using the methods outlined in Listing 1 through Listing 3, you establish a framework for a managed bean to monitor changes of the server-side data.

The workflow is, when the managed bean gets the notification that the server-side data has been changed, the is invoked and the data model is updated.

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