Updating records in access

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I have a form that displays each of these jobs one-by-one, and has two buttons (Job has been completed, and Job not completed). I cannot find a way to get access to the current record to update it's contents if the "Has been Completed" button is pressed, the closest I can get is the long number which represents the records position in the form. This is called on button-press I am posting an image which shows the form (non-continuous).The VBA to get the index of the record in the form is as follows. Execute str SQL1, db Fail On Error str SQL2 = "UPDATE job SET JOB_NEXT_OCCURANCE = JOB_NEXT_OCCURANCE JOB_RECURRANCE_RATE WHERE job. @Hans Up, I get what you are saying, but I dont quite think it's applicable (I did not provide enough information first time around for you to understand I think) @sarh I believe this Recordset that you are talking about is what I need, however I cannot figure out how to use it, any hints?As you insert data into one field, you can just select Tab on the keyboard to move to the next field.Microsoft Access is a very powerful tool for tracking everything from a personal book library to your entire small business.I'm more or less looking for a resource (or keywords to search) so I can figure this out on my own Thank you!UPDATE: Once I hit okay on the frm Proj Msg Box it fills out text boxes that have controls on frm Project to create the parent record (i think that's the term) in tbl Project. I would like access to go out to the tbl Milestones_Inf and match the project type (child record? It would then add 4-5 records based on matching Project Type on the Milestone_Inf table.And I don't see why you should need a command button for "Has been Completed" and another for "Has not been Completed".Add a "Yes/No" data type field to the table which is used by your form's record source. Then your form can have a check box control for completion_status.

If you need to update some field of underlying dataset, you can write something like If your form has control bound to "Some Field", then the form will be updated automatically.

An Access database consists of one or more tables that contain related information.

Once you've created such an empty database, you could work your way through all of the tables to fill them with information. It's hard to follow relationships between data in tables while you're trying to enter in data. You can design input forms so you can enter data in a logical format The benefit of using your new Access Input Form is that you don't have to find individual fields in the table to enter the data.

Set it's default value property to 0, which represents False or No. Newly added records will have False/No as completion_status --- the check box will appear unchecked.

The completion_status for other records in the forms can be toggled between Yes (checked) and No (unchecked) using the check box control.

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