Updating pkgsrc

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At home, I ssh to our department’s computers to use MATLAB. tmux, vim, emacs…) are either missing or too old on them.

In stead, they told me to use rhevm, which is unfortunately not well supported on Mac OS X.Asking the department to install those software is not always convenient either, since I might want to install some other softwares at any time.Also, I think they might have their own concerns not installing/updating those software, such as security, compatibility and stability concerns.All of these things are tasks you’d typically want to automate, and while the chatter around configuration management focuses on Linux (sometimes BSD gets some love), my preferred Config Management tool, Salt Stack, has some excellent support for illumos and Solaris, so I set about updating my compute host Salt states to manage my Smart OS nodes as well.For the sake of this piece, I’ll limit my exposition just to common tasks that most folks on Smart OS in a dev environment might be inclined to want to automate, in this case the package manager and persisting scripts to your , which I use here, is trivially simple!

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