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As the water cools, it returns to the boiler to be reheated. Pumps distribute heat through air ducts, much like a forced-air system does.They heat the home by pulling what little warm air there is outside during winter months and pumping it into the house.I wonder what my counterpart was thinking when he designed and installed the heating systems in these old homes as I attempt to apply modern heating technology to these ancient hot water and steam systems. We recently had the privilege of updating two heating systems in historic homes.There are plenty of old and historic homes and buildings in the Washington, D. The first system was a lovely, old Victorian located in Leesburg, Va.The heating contractor riveted a steel plate to the boiler. I surveyed the heating system trying to figure out why two boiler blocks would fail in short order.This was an old gravity hot water system with massive cast iron radiators and large 3-inch and 4-inch steel mains.This air collects at the top of the radiators, preventing the top part of the radiator filling with warm water and therefore reducing its heating capability.It is important to bleed your radiators on a regular basis, since releasing this trapped air can dramatically improve the efficiency of your central heating.

The heat from the water heats the metal exterior of the radiator, which then radiates the heat out into the air.Bleeding is where you vent trapped air from the radiator, which can build up over time and prevent your radiators from working correctly.Small amounts of air enter the central heating system every time fresh mains water flows through the boiler/heating system.The process is reversed during the summer months when warm air from inside your home is pumped out to cool it.You may think you can lower your monthly heating bill by closing the air vents in a room when you're not using it.

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