Updating groupshield

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while I have some limited exchange experience and AD too. I don't wanna crash their server for a week and have them need to get someone to recover it. is it supposedly as easy as to click an 'update' button and to reboot your server..

or are there several issues I need to be aware about..?

Products experiencing the issue are Trend Micro Scan Mail, Mc Afee Email Security (Group Shield), Symantec Mail Security for Exchange, AVG for Servers, ESET Mail Security for Exchange and Code Two Exchange Rules.

They also seem to be connected.-When I try updating I get the error message "Couldn't update drivers - the AV Engine couldn't be stopped."-On the Version tab I get "0"s instead of engine and dat version numbers.-The Group Shield and Online Update services take long to start and stop, often resulting errors where it tells me theservice failed to start up it does.Transport\v4.0_15.0.847.30__31bf3856ad364e35\Microsoft. Update (3/5): Updated blog after official KB article got published.While recording, the Radeon RX Vega 56 scored 113.7 and 158.2 FPS, respectively, creating a 3.2% and 1.9% FPS overhead.I've tried this several different times over the course of a week now, giving plenty of time (at least 24 hours) between the uninstall and reinstall but the issue still remains in e PO.I've done some searching online and see that other people have been suffereing from this same problem (link), but the only "solution" that has been repeated over and over was to uninstall/reinstall, which like I said before, is not working for some of my machines. I haven't found a full answer to the question I have asked, but for anyone who might be struggling with the same issue: A temporary work around is to harass the e PO server until it complies with the request.

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