Updating exterior ranch style home

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This may mean hiring someone to bring in trees with a tree spade. Ranch houses can seem narrow and cramped from the outside, but adding a porch can help.To do this, extend your roof out from the peak, and use pillars to support the extension.Once you've completed your renovations, you'll be able to focus on the convenience of single-story living and the efficient layout of your home.At its best, renovating a ranch-style house brings new life to an old gem.Most ranch homes built during the 60s and 70s have popcorn ceilings.

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You can also add height by bringing tall trees to your yard.Compared to other architectural styles, many ranch houses have fewer and smaller windows.Adding more windows or replacing your existing ones is a great way to bring more light into your home.Removing these ceilings isn't difficult, but it is messy.Here's how you do it: With their low, long shape, ranch houses are designed to fit in with the wide open spaces of the prairie.

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