Updating excel charts

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The end goal here is to create a table that feeds data to a chart.

Linking these two elements together allows the chart to check for newly added data in the table.

To create a table, select all the data you want to turn into an Excel chart.

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My chart is slightly different in that the range never changes, just the data. The addin that controls the query has a refresh function button in the toolbar that when it is pressed, all is good. What is the difference between refresh function and refresh sheet?You could try making a copy of the chart before an update, but Excel is programmed to automatically update any copy of the chart, along with the original.To keep Excel from automatically updating a copy of a chart with new data, you need to break the link to the source data.My chart is a simple weight over time, that tracks the weights in a production line over the last 60 mins, in 1 minute increments.The chart will update automatically each day with a new temperature.

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