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Hi @dalerrogers, are your students using their option laptops, or is it a computer lab where each machine has identical hardware and software? Since Word Press is web based, students are free to use their laptops if they bring them to class.

Assuming it’s the latter, could you let us know the browser name and version number? Most use the classroom computers which are i Macs with identical setups.

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I believe the default browser is Safari, but students are free to use the one of their choice.Using Gutenberg on the latest Ffx on Ubuntu, I get the following every 10 seconds in my Apache logfile: “POST /wp/index.php/wp-json/wp/v2/posts/5/autosaves?_locale=user HTTP/1.1” 404 So the regular ‘save’ is receiving a 404 each time. Furthermore, the form itself does not publish to the library.Every time I try I get the "Updating the content type failed" error message (see image).

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