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These boys may want to have fun for a night but if you act like a lady around fraternities like DKE, SAE and KA then they will appreciate your class and respect you. But you don't even know how rush will end up or if you will even like the guys your sorority hangs out with. From a guy in an Old Row frat..your bf doesn't want to be in a frat it will limit you on the social schedule being a pnm. Jealousy will insue on his behalf, you'll feel sorry for him and want to be with him limiting you on your sorority and fraternity activities. We were both worried about how it would work out (and he was very concerned about me going to Swaps and stuff), but we've made it work so far.I've even gone to a couple of date parties and a formal with a guy friend, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on much at all.I'm a junior and my bf is a freshman at Missouri (he's a year younger then me and took a gap year).We've been doing the long distance thing since I graduated from high school.Is it weird to be in a sorority with a long term boyfriend?He definitely doesn't wanna join a fraternity, if that makes a difference.

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It sounds like you are independent enough to want that for yourself anyways, but just wanted to put it out there The bigger issue you will face is how will he handle you going to date swaps and parties at fraternities without him, other than that no one cares if you date a non-greek and since he is an athlete at Bama you will probably get some street cred with your future sorority. I want to invite him to everything I can (sororities have their own date parties here and formals here, right? Will I probably skip a few frat parties- yes but I want to do all the fun stuff too.

Don't decide to date or not to date your bf based on your sorority.

Don't decide to join or not join a sorority because of your boyfriend.

Also, does it make social events with fraternities less fun?

I've had a couple of really cool guy friends my whole life - are the guys fine with being like that or will I get ignored completely if I don't want to hook up with them?

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