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You won’t find many normal girls frequenting the clubs in Odessa, and it’ll be jam-packed in the summer with tons of foreign men sitting in the corner and staring at the sights.Moscow is still king when it comes to nightgame, and offers a large offering of both quality and reachable women where a ONS is often possible.In terms of bars, you’ll find a large selection in the city center near City Garden, with honorable mention including Shkaff, Gnezdo (solid cocktails) and Sabotage (open 24 hours, worth popping in here for a look after hours).Odessa has a lot to offer in terms of looks, but with everywhere in Ukraine, time needs to be on your side in order to allow for some real damage to be done.Quality inside rivals that of Ibiza, but due to its size might have a few less hotties when looking at pure quantity.Palladium is another club that is a bit closer to Odessa’s center, and is also worth a look on the weekend.Odessa has a few good spots for daygame, which would be the following: Regardless, one of the two above spots as mentioned in the logistics sections will keep you close to the action, with City Garden and the surrounding area being the better choice for daygame options.

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People who had the opportunity to be with certainly one ofthese Slavic beauties will say to you that she’s a good thing that may take place that you experienced.Itaka: is situated right next to Ibiza, and is probably the second most popular club in Odessa.Since it’s in close proximity to Ibiza, expect to hit these on the same night.We recommend Ukraine Date as our go-to option in Ukraine, and for good reason.Tinder is a bit played out with a lack of quality, and VK inboxes are getting spammed by foreigners.

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