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"I went to a beach in Brighton and it was a little dirty." Hinna, 12, Surrey, England "The beaches where I live are a total mess!

It equates roughly to singing Happy Birthday twice, something that Kate, 50, set about testing.

Humming the tune twice whilst simulating washing her hands, Ben set about teasing his co-host. Knowing how filthy you are, you'd need to do it another couple of times," Ben joked.

Although Southend is a beautiful and fun place, it could be even better if it was cleaner." Lucy, 12, London, England "I think that Blackpool beach needs a clean-up." Griff, 10, Preston, England "All the beaches near me are always dirty.

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It was disgusting - I fell on a broken glass bottle and it really hurt." Marina, 12, Scotland "The beaches near me are not too bad.But in the UK, when I lived there, the beach that I went to was really clean!" Miyako, 11, Tokyo, Japan "All the beaches that I have gone to are always full of rubbish if children are playing around there.They could get cut by glass or have a serious injury and then the beach might get shut down!" Caitlin, 12, Derbyshire, England "I can't really remember most UK beaches, even though I lived there for eight years and was born there.

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