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This was 2007, and there wasn’t a website that catered solely to cougar dating.

“At the time, it was massively underserved as a niche in online dating,” Mike explained.

The network has helped many individuals find the person they truly desire in a confidence-boosting, judgment-free place.

“You don’t go around wearing a badge saying ‘I’m interested in older women or younger men,’” Mike said.

“So that’s why you join Toyboy Warehouse.” Julia Macmillan was in her early 50s when she decided to try online dating.

She’d always been more physically and mentally attracted to younger men, feeling she related better with them.

He’s excited to be working in such a fun space where he can do real good for singles.

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At least, that’s what people imagine happens when thinking of cougar dating.

Whenever people have a complaint or compliment for the site, she’s the one they speak to.

There’s an instant chat available at Toyboy Warehouse that connects users directly to Elle.

In most cases, when a 50-year-old woman sees a young, attractive man across a crowded bar, she doesn’t approach him.

She hangs back, fearful of being mocked or rejected.

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