Tight chest sedating triple warmer

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It is also more common in people with heart failure, whose heart muscle is unable to pump the extra amount of fluid in the blood so the fluid backs up into the lungs.

Severe blood loss from major surgery may cause anemia, reducing the number of red blood cells so there are not enough to carry oxygen throughout the body.

Encourage her to continue working her lymphatic points as well.

I think it would also help her to understand how triple warmer and spleen may be involved in her problems (Energy Medicine Chapter 8).

Because lung meridian’s polarity is bladder meridian, and bladder meridian also governs the nervous system, I would suspect that bladder meridian is involved.

Plus as an attorney with three small children, I can only imagine that her nervous system, and thus bladder meridian, would be overstimulated.

Intravenous fluids administered during surgery sometimes accumulate in the lungs, causing difficulty breathing.

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Her doctor has prescribed several antibiotic regimins, steroids, and decongestants, but nothing has helped.

Sometimes the clot breaks off and travels to the chest, blocking blood flow to the lungs.

This clot -- called a pulmonary embolus -- can produce shortness of breath, chest pain and a bloody cough.

She has been tested for allergies and none have been identified.

She had her air conditioning ducts checked for mold.

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