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The last time Gallup asked the question in 2013, 11% nationally gave that response.

In the polls, blacks have always been more supportive than whites of interracial marriage, but the responses of both groups have moved in a more supportive direction in tandem.

This feeling — disgust — is the one we decided to zero in on.

First we asked a predominately white sample of college students to report how disgusted they feel by interracial relationships between blacks and whites.

We also had the participants tell us how accepting they were of interracial relationships between blacks and whites.

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For example, Abigail Adams reportedly said that ‘disgust and horror’ filled her mind when she saw dark-skinned Othello touch pale-skinned Desdemona in the theatrical production of ’s Richard Cohen noted a few years ago.In his farewell address to the nation, Barack Obama discussed race relations, noting that “race remains a potent and often divisive force in our society.” He acknowledged that race relations are better than they were years ago, but he added that all of us have more work to do. Hearts must change.” Although there is still much room for improvement, change in attitudes over time in polls about race underscore the President’s optimism.The evolution of public opinion on interracial marriage is particularly relevant since this year marks the 50, starring Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton, demonstrates how far our nation and public opinion have come on race relations and on interracial marriage specifically.Pew Research Center analysis of the 2013 American Community Survey found that 6.3% of all marriages that year were between people of different races, compared to less than 1% in 1970. A Pew Research Center poll released in the fall found that only 9% thought race relations had gotten better since Obama came into office. Even so, the journey of public opinion on interracial marriage, with landmarks of its own to celebrate this year, should give us cause for optimism.As the President said in his farewell speech, race relations in the U. Just as laws can change, minds and hearts can, too.

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