Telus speed dating calgary

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"It's great though, because you just know right away if you're compatible.

I'd do it again, maybe not of this size, but I would do it again." While Calgary has Vietnam beat in terms of speed dating participants, Calgary Speed Dating owner Brewer has to accomplish a few more tasks if she wants to seal a world-record deal.

It's Valentine's Day, and hundreds of men and women mill around the Telus Spark science centre awaiting the first event of its kind in Calgary — the world's largest speed dating session.

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Hello, My friend and i have decided that tinder is getting a little old and wanted to try something a little more successful to meet singles in Calgary. Never pay for a site you will find the same girls on the free sites.

The women were attractive and the men didn't look like they missed an online tournament to be there. I had a good experience and treated it as a fun night out just mingling with people I normally wouldn't. We loved it because it lets you learn more about a person before you message.

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