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As kids begin to use tools such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even You Tube in earnest, they're learning the responsibility that comes with the power to broadcast to the world.You can help nurture the positive aspects by accepting how important social media is for kids and helping them find ways for it to add real value to their lives.Kids who feel comfortable talking to parents about everyday things are likely to be more open when harder things come up, too. Likewise, take note if he stops wanting to do things that used to make him happy, or if you notice him isolating himself.If you see a change in your teen’s daily ability to function, ask her about it and be supportive (without being judgmental).

Suicidal teens can even get immediate access to quality support online.Count to ten or take some deep breaths before responding.If you’re both too upset to talk, hit pause until you’ve had a chance to calm down.7. Talking isn’t the only way to communicate, and during these years it’s great if you can spend time doing things you both enjoy, whether it’s cooking or hiking or going to the movies, without talking about anything personal.How did they organize a national school walkout day to protest gun laws? For a few years now, many teens have been saying that social media -- despite its flaws -- is mostly positive.And new research is shedding light on the good things that can happen when kids connect, share, and learn online.

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