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According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), tens of millions of people (by some estimates, over 90 million Americans) are affected by one or more of the symptoms of a group of disorders known as sleep-disordered breathing - which is commonly known as snoring.Snoring occurs when the soft palate, uvula, tongue, tonsils, and/or muscles in the back of the throat rub against each other. The effects of snoring may include sleep deprivation, daytime dysfunction and may possibly lead to heart disease.Bottom line, not getting good sleep can be detrimental to one's health.Experts at The National Centers for Sleep Disorders suggests that people should treat feeling sleepy during the day like any other concerning health sign and talk to their doctor about the issue immediately.Recent CDC data studies show that almost one in three American adults say they’re sleeping less than six hours each night.

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Hence, people with sleep apnea do need to understand it, see a doctor that specializes in sleep apnea and try to treat it.

Some factors that increase the risk of sleep apnea include having a recessed chin, small upper airway, being overweight, a large tongue or tonsils, frequent alcohol use and smoking.

Having these conditions at night while sleeping, can not only be annoying but detrimental to one's health.

Others may be having what doctors term as a sleep apnea condition.

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