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While Skype does provide encryption, it uses its own proprietary method which means that no one knows if they keep the decryption keys (although the Edward Snowden divulgences confirm that it’s more than likely that Skype does.) Indeed, Skype itself acknowledges “spying” on customers–that is, when you agree to use Skype products, you are allowing Skype to collect information about you, your account, and even your communications.Moreover, Skype is also often attacked through its various vulnerabilities.It integrates with Skype software to dispatch calls directly from your Joomla!site, and has many advanced feature such as attachments exchange, avatars and more.Skype’s sharing capabilities are fairly limited and not that easy to use.For example, when I share my desktop, the remote person cannot see me.VSee is the only video chat that allows you to send up to 4 video streams simultaneously from a single device.

This means only the people in your conversation can decrypt data passed through VSee. As I mentioned right at the beginning, the best thing to do is to sign up for VSee and give it a try yourself!While I’ll do my best to give you a fair overview of VSee and Skype, the best thing to do is just to give VSee a try.As I mentioned before, group video calling is always free and if you want to try out our fast screen sharing features, VSee Pro is free for 30-days.That means when you call someone, all you get is his or her face without being surrounded by menus, buttons, or frames.You can choose exactly what window you want to share or unshare with one simple click – no need for pop-up menus or directories.

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