Sky epg not updating

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It also allows viewers to search by directors, actors and even quotes from popular movies – so shouting "Show Me The Money! However, it's still impossible to navigate around the user interface using only your voice, so don't bother asking to "take me to BBC One" as yet."You'll be able to beg for Benedict, summon Discovery of Witches, or simply ask it to record your favourite shows as Sky Q takes voice control to the next level," Sky teased about its new hands-free experience last year.The change could see an end to the days of losing your TV remote because, as chief executive Jeremy Darroch joked during the quarterly earnings call, "You can't lose your voice down the back of the sofa".If you're not sure that your TV has connected to the router, repeat step 4 to confirm.

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If you have no information in the Now & Next section of your guide, then try restarting your TV. If after resetting your box you still have no information in the guide, try Re-Tuning your channels.

If the programmes in the backwards You View guide say ' No Information' then this could be a result of an Internet issue. After each step, you should check your You View service to see if the issue has been resolved before proceeding to the next step:.

Wait until the lights on your router indicate it has finished starting up and has connected to the Internet.

Setup The You View setup on my Sony TV won’t accept my postcode Programme Guide The You View guide on my Sony TV isn’t working properly I’ve lost channels in the You View guide on my Sony TVWhy do I see ' No Information' in the backwards You View guide on my Sony TV?

Resolution for YVM2104 - Temporary problem with Internet service Resolution for YVM2102 - Internet connection issues Resolution for YVM2105 - Problem with one of the On Demand Players Resolution for YVM2305 - Can't show Live TVResolution for YVM2912 - Invalid Postcode If you are seeing ' No Information' or 'loading' for programmes in the Backwards Programme Guide, then you may not be connected to the Internet .

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