Single teachers dating

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I would know that in the chance there was an active shooter in my school, I wouldn’t be left defenseless. Guns are the reason that school shootings were able to take place and adding more guns to schools would not help save lives.

Trump said, “I want my schools to be protected like I want my banks to be protected”, but a school is not a bank and it should not be treated like one.

Whether that person is a teacher or a police officer there should be someone there to defend the future of America.

The amount of teachers or officers armed should increase for the number of students within the school.

Neither are they trained to handle the effects afterwards, as Mr.

I believe that training and arming educators with firearms isn’t the right thing to do in this contentious situation.

It was very hard to pick the best, and I feel bad that a lot of good ones didn’t get in here — but we have to keep this post from being 30,000 words long.

We predicted that our question about teachers and guns would bring in many new commenters, and it did. Please know that your voices are especially important on issues like this one.

Thanks and welcome to new students from Burlington, Vt.; Caruthers, Calif.; Cinnaminson, N. Enjoy the collection, and don’t worry if yours wasn’t chosen this time — just continue to post, because we love reading what you have to say. ” brought in by far the most comments from students this week — in fact, they were still coming in as we compiled this page.

These three comments, from Sam, Sarafina and LKD, received “Readers’ Picks” designations: Sam from Burlington thinks an armed authority figure would act as a deterrent: I believe that someone with authority should be armed on school grounds at all times.

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