Shugo chara dating game online

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Oh, just leave her Dream-chan, she'll stop that once the shock wears off. -turns back to readers- Dream-chan is Keirii's newly born thrid chara! Kera: -pats Dream's beanie hat covered head- Just ignore her Dream-chan.

Meet Kai Hiwatari, the most popular guy in school, a bully, every girl’s dream. Keirii: -stares at chara in front of self-New chara: Ano... Dream: -blinks and fiddles with baggy sleeves of hoodie- Ano... She should be able to deal with that type of stuff herself. TTName: Keirii Noonan Gender: Female Age: 18 (WOOOOOOOP!! Nagihiko (because Ali-chan was gonna kill me if I didn't put him in the list)Top 4 Characters I despise:1.

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