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(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 22 August 2006) 3) by Tamar Miller Tamar Miller, a social entrepreneur in Cambridge, Massachusetts, considers the use of citizen diplomacy in conflicts in the Middle East.

Deflecting criticism that citizen diplomacy is a "hug-a-terrorist programme", she says it is rather an invitation to speak and act peaceably toward one another when the logic of war is so compelling.

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(Source: The Jakarta Post, 22 August 2006) 5) by Paul Sullivan Paul Sullivan, Professor of Economics, National Defense University and Adjunct Professor, Security Studies, Georgetown University, considers those who stand up to say enough in the midst of terrible human tragedy: Enough.

Nevertheless, the confrontational, fatalistic mindset that this analogy is bound to produce in Americans should be avoided at all costs.

The better analogy is that the Middle East is embroiled in an Islamic Civil War that is approaching its climactic stages.

She then goes on to describe a half dozen peace-promoting, citizen-led initiatives that have taken place recently despite what may initially look like insurmountable obstacles: Nations are not monoliths: something large and immovable, something massive and unchanging and of uniform character and difficult to deal with on a human level (Webster Dictionary).

Nations are a collection of many of us, the peaceable majority and, only a few of them, the irredeemably hateful minority. (Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 22 August 2006) 4) by Maria Vamvakino Maria Vamvakino, the Federal Member for Calwell, Australia, explains why she did not support a recent bill under which all unauthorised refugees who arrive by boat to Australia would automatically be processed offshore, where they would remain in detention until a third country for resettlement was arranged.

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