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It will be edited by Jack Heidenry, who’s worked at Maxim , the magazine that had handed a generation of American males a grimy ticket back to their oversexed adolescence.

“I see sex as kind of the newest art form,” said the bustling Ms. “Sex and technology are the art forms of the new millennium!

One doesn’t have to look too far in the past to discover who is partly to blame for the sick-of-sex feeling: When America read the details of the Starr report, it was not just the fact that the President was indulging in a 21-year-old intern that sickened, it was the grossness of the sex, the image of the leader of the free world masturbating into a sink, the stomach-churning ickiness of the whole affair, that lingered in one’s mind.


People walking through the exhibits will not get aroused, he added, unless they’re the type to be sexually aroused by a painting.

And opening in spring 2000 at 233 Fifth Avenue at 27th Street will be a Museum of Sex–Mo Sex for short–an 8,000-square-foot exhibition space with a cafe and retail shop.

The board of gift advisers includes comedian Sandra Bernhard, designer Todd Oldham, writer Camille Paglia and performance artist Annie Sprinkle.

” Can revulsion at sex’s current microwave-style esthetic lead one to go cold turkey?

Have we perhaps come to a point where to have sex is to be complicit in something cheap and tacky and soul-destroying, like finding oneself trapped in an airbrushed Details magazine photo spread of “Hot Young Actresses”? Without ending up sharing a root beer with neo-puritans like Jedediah Purdy and Wendy Shalit?

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