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The network will put to work the many attorneys who are now eager to do something in the post-election atmosphere.

“It has the potential to tap this newly awakened energy, particularly in the legal community,” Martin said. “We felt like it was really important to also be able to tell institutions, whether you’re talking about employers or schools …

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So the new legal network will attempt to help fill the gaping hole left when the government decides to turn away from enforcing women’s rights, an attempt to “try to step into the breach that’s being created,” Martin said.

The network will act as a hub, fielding calls from people who say they have experienced sex discrimination, and then putting them in touch with nearby attorneys who might be able to take on the cases. The network fielded a call from Kassandra Lawrence, a police officer in Stafford, Virginia, who alleges that she was denied a work accommodation while she was pregnant, was pushed into unpaid leave, and was blocked from having her coworkers donate their paid sick leave to her during a pregnancy-related surgery.

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The following survey is from William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan, regarding a research project on parental leave across various professions.

“This is a moment when the federal government is in many ways abandoning the field in the fight for women’s legal rights,” said Emily Martin, the NWLC’s vice president for workplace justice.Their phones were also ringing off the hook from private practice attorneys who wanted to help make a difference after the election.What could be done to address all of these at once?Yet other employees were routinely given accommodations and donated sick pay, she claims.The network has since put her in touch with the Spiggle Law Firm, which has filed a lawsuit alleging pregnancy discrimination on her behalf.

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