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In 1948, a black strikebreaker accidentally killed a white union member as he tried to escape the striker's ire.Instead of a race riot, a strike ensued against the Rath Company.On December 8, 1845, the Iowa State Register and Waterloo Herald was the first newspaper published in Waterloo.The name Waterloo supplanted the original name, Prairie Rapids Crossing, shortly after Charles Mullan petitioned for a post office in the town.This department helped organize protests against local places that discriminated against blacks.On May 31, 1966, Eddie Wallace Sallis was found dead in the local jail.It is estimated that Waterloo lost 14% of its population during this time.Today the city enjoys a broader industrial base, as city leaders have sought to diversify its industrial and commercial mix.

John Deere, the area's largest employer, cut 10,000 jobs, and the Rath meatpacking plant closed altogether, losing 2500 jobs.Since the signed petition did not include the name of the proposed post office location, Mullan was charged with selecting the name when he submitted the petition.Tradition has it that as he flipped through a list of other post offices in the United States, he came upon the name Waterloo.They were followed by the Virden and Mullan families in 1846.Evidence of these earliest families can still be found in the street names Hanna Boulevard, Mullan Avenue and Virden Creek.

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