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However, it has long been established that there can be no justification for any form of violence against women and children and that whilst certain circumstances may exacerbate abuse and violence they are not causal factors.Without doubt, the majority of men do not enter into any form of violence against women and children, yet the minority have the capacity to harm many.Various studies from around the world show that violence against women and children is widespread and cuts across class, age, religion and ethnic group.Common attempts to justify or excuse away gender-based violence include unemployment, personality disorders and the use of drugs and/or alcohol.FGM is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and the age 15, with ages for the procedure varying between cultures.Approximately 140 million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the often extreme consequences of FGM.

Too many women and girls face intimidation and physical and sexual abuse – often from those who should care and respect them most. We need to change laws and ensure they are implemented. The shame of violence should lie with the abuser, not the victim.

CSE is indisputably linked with the growing rate of human trafficking in the UK as a destination country for those who have been trafficked, as the male demand necessitates a growing supply of girls and women in prostitution.

Men are also exploited by CSE, however this mostly takes place in the form of financial exploitation whereby men have a choice to engage.

Social convention often dictates that FGM is a necessary part of raising daughters “properly”, preparing them for marriage and adulthood.

Yet the complications from such procedures are often dangerous, including bacterial infections, recurrent bladder and urinary tract infections, cysts, menstruation difficulties, infertility, increased risk of childbirth and new born deaths.

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