Sentence using carbon dating

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Carbon-14 is continually formed in nature by the interaction of neutrons with nitrogen-14 in the Earth’s atmosphere; the neutrons required for this reaction are produced by cosmic rays interacting with the atmosphere.Radiocarbon present in molecules of atmospheric carbon dioxide enters the biological carbon cycle: it is absorbed from the air by green plants and then passed on to animals through the food chain.

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The term 'carbon dating' is a compound noun, a word for the process of determining of the age of an organic matter from the relative proportions of the carbon isotopes it contains.From: Wikimedia Commons We can indirectly date glacial sediments by looking at the organic materials above and below glacial sediments. Marine geological constraints for the grounding-line position of the Antarctic Ice Sheet on the southern Weddell Sea shelf at the Last Glacial Maximum.Radiocarbon dating provides the age of organic remains that overly glacial sediments. Archeologists use the method of Carbon 14 dating to determine the age of any biological relic containing some carbon.Carbon 14 is an isotope of carbon made in Earths upper atmosphere and it has a half life of 5730 years, enabling dating back to about…

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