Sax parser not validating

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For the complete list of standard SAX2 features and properties, see the sax Package Description.

How to parse an XML document using SAX parser when the DTD is not available How to use a different DTD file when parsing a document with the SAX parser How to overwrite the DTD location specified in the XML document when using SAX parser Even if the value of the VALIDATION-ENABLED parameter is NO, the SAX parser reads any specified DTD (internal or external) in order to get information on entities.

A class is included that will allocate and initialize the SAX Parser.

If a boolean flag is true, the parser will be initialized as a validating parser.

A token is a catagory that is recognized by the parser.

For example, a scanner for the Java programming language might return the tokens that include: identifier, integer, for (a reserved word), mult (an operator).

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All XML readers are required to recognize the " and the " features (at least to get the feature values, if not set them) and to support a property.(That might indicate an application provided the wrong URI.) If the application attempts to set a feature state or property value that the XML reader cannot support at that time, or attempts to modify a feature or property when it is read-only, the XML reader throws a SAXNot Supported Exception.One important application for properties is getting and setting extension event handlers, for event types not supported by the four core SAX2 handlers, Entity Resolver, DTDHandler, Content Handler, and Error Handler.Parsing is usually done by two logical components: a parser and a scanner.The scanner reads the text and classifies it as "tokens".

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