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Finally there’s the Deutsch Proposition which while not being an actual thing, is a reference to the quantum physicist David Deutsch.

Deutsch has had various achievements, but one of the things he’s best known for is his advocacy for the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum physics.

But what none of these films do is ask what happens to the people left behind in the pre-existing timeline that still has to live with the fact there was a Hitler after the time travellers disappear.

takes this problem by the horns, points out that if you go back and kill baby Thanos, all the people killed by The Snap in this timeline will still be dead.

But here we go: The EPR Paradox is to do with superposition, which you’ll know as the reason why a cat can be alive and dead at the same time if it’s in a box with a radioactive particle.

Only over the course of the Time Heist several events in Marvel history are interfered with, and even after Captain America returns the Infinity Stones at the end of the film, we’re going to see a number of different realities branching out.

That one tends to give you more plot consistency but makes the story as dull as dishwater by stripping any sense of agency for your characters.

read more - Complete Guide to Marvel and MCU Easter Eggs in Avengers: Endgame When Tony Stark is discussing the problems of time travel with Scott Lang he cites three major issues - that they’re operating at the Planck Length, and that they have to deal with the EPR Parodox and the Deutsch Proposition.

the Avengers spawn four new timelines branching out of “our” MCU, Earth-199999 to give it its official designation, but to keep things simple we’ll call it Universe B (more on that in a bit). Alt-New York This timeline separates from ours during the events of the first movie in 2012.

The big details stay the same - Loki’s invasion is defeated, and we assume Captain America returns the Time Stone and the Mind Stone to their rightful places.

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