Rosario vampire dating sim

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He befriends many female yokai, one of them is Moka.

She is a vampire but she stays in a kind of human form as long as the rosary around her neck stays on.

Outer Moka considers Kurumu her best friend, but is her most frequent rival in squabbles over Tsukune.

At times, they help each other out when they're having a mental struggles.

Like most manga, we didn't know what the hell this was.

It turns out to be some high school romance thing, but it's at least got an unusual twist: the main character has been enrolled in a school for monsters by mistake!

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It's found that Inner is falling in love with Tsukune throughout Season I and more openly through Season II, but is too stubborn (and concerned) to admit it.Inner Moka initially hated her, for attempting to take Tsukune, but still values her considerably.However, by the end of the manga they are close, to the point where Kurumu almost convinced Moka to allow her to dive into Tsukune's dreams to become his lover in his dreams. He loves Moka and her sisters and is very supportive of Moka's relationship with Tsukune. Moka was an enternal symbol of Gyokuro's hatred for Akasha and as such they never had a particularly close relationship.Inner Moka seems to have feelings for Tsukune as well, but how they are expressed and how they develop is more complicated.It's through Tsukune that Inner's ice-cold heart has begun to thaw, and as a result, makes her kinder.

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