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Modules follow the phonics based Orton-Gillingham approach and students are repeatedly exposed to high frequency vocabulary in order to teach sight-reading.

TTRS may be particularly helpful for autistic children as it is delivered via a computer and students can take a self-directed approach to learning.

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Researchers have used brain scans to show that this is due to simultaneous activity in the left and right hemispheres of the brain, allowing for phonological and visual processing to be engaged at the same time.When decoding is no longer necessary, the process speeds up and this frees cognitive energy in the brain for focusing on comprehension and making meaning out of what has been read. In order to make sense of narrative, students must interact with a text by accessing their prior knowledge of a subject and making inferences.Strong readers pick up on gist and specific details, attribute significance to the order in which information is presented and rely on referents within the text to follow along.However, they are generally better at sounding out and identifying words than understanding what they have read.This may be because comprehension is a more abstract skill than decoding.

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