Qiao en and ming dao dating

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At the mention of Ming Dao, Cecilia’s face brightened and nodded at Joe’s compliments on Ming Dao.

When Ming Dao was on hiatus to serve his mandatory military service in Taiwan, the Taiwanese media spotted Ming Dao exiting a hotel with a “sophisticated, black-haired” girl.

Their appearance attracted pedestrians; the girl was suspected to be Cecilia. On a Taiwanese variety show to promote the album, Ming Dao admitted that he had broken up with his most recent girlfriend half a year ago.

The netizen detectives claimed that “” became a time for many celebrities to openly express their love on their Weibos: Chen Sicheng (陈思成) posted a message admitting to a relationship at , Xie Na (谢娜) posted about the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day) on , and Yang Mi (杨幂) uploaded a photo of her and husband Hawick Lau (劉愷威) at .

After a long heated discussion, Cecilia grew angry and hastily left the premises.

Ming Dao took attentive care of Cecilia on set thereafter.

Following Cecilia’s statement, a Chinese netizen observed that Cecilia may have dated Taiwanese actor Ming Dao (明道), who collaborated with Cecilia in the drama An Angel’s Happiness .

Produced by Ming Dao, the idol drama was filmed in late 2011, and was based on the 2007 Korean television drama Thank You (Gomapseupnida).

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