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They make a good team, though Barry definitely knows more of the answers than Lucy. At the break they’re coming fourth, and things seem to be going well. He kisses her neck and starts trying to put his hand up under her top. Surely he can’t still be pissed off about one throwaway comment? Last time, there was chemistry, and humour, and attraction, and butterfly-inducing potential. Lucy just about manages not to lose her shit entirely. Lucy’s pretty sure she made her feelings on that matter fairly clear, but there’s no point in getting into another argument now.“Woah there,” Lucy says with what she hopes is a lighthearted smile. You know if that’s all you’re after you should have just stayed on Plenty of Fish.” “Oh sorry,” says Barry, his voice dripping with sarcasm. She’s bitterly disappointed – this seemed so promising at the start and she had such high hopes, and yet again it’s all gone to shit. After drinking the equivalent of a whole bottle of wine each, they’re both quite tipsy. This time the entire encounter feels functional at best, aggressive at worst. She gets on the bus, absolutely certain she won’t hear from Barry again. She’s drunk and dejected, and as she sits there, thinking about how miserable he made her feel, and how disappointed she is after her high hopes at the start of the evening, she begins to cry.They remain there in awkward silence, Lucy sitting, Barry standing, a pear-shaped cloud hanging over them. Lucy knows Sophie is probably right, but she also knows she won’t stop. At 38 time is not on her side, and every week taken off, every date missed, is another step further away from finding her man and finally, finally, being able to put all this sort of this behind her. As she climbs the stairs to her flat, her phone buzzes again. Lucy has absolutely no idea why the man is still texting her, but she’s had enough.Lucy really fucking wishes he would just fuck off – and totally doesn’t get why he doesn’t. If so, where was his chivalry when they were arguing over whose turn it was to buy a round?! Her endless patience with all the mixed messages and confusion has worn to breaking point. Next week: Lucy hopes a paid-for website will provide a better class of date.So they pay their £2 to join and are handed an answer sheet, a picture round, and a pen. It’s important to allow men to feel big and important, and a pub quiz is an excellent way to do this. Barry grins and writes ‘Danny De Vito’ on the answer sheet with a flourish. She tries to apologise for upsetting him, but Barry is having none of it. They spend the second half of the quiz in complete silence, an oppressive cloud hanging over them, only speaking to discuss the answers. He’s just spent the last hour making it abundantly clear that he’d rather talk to the randoms on the next table than her, and now he invites her to have another drink? Lucy certainly doesn’t want to subject herself to any more of his passive aggressive glaring, but nor is she quite ready to give up on this just yet. “Ok, sure,” she says, as brightly as she can muster. Technically, yes, she bought a round, and then he did, so now it’s back to her.While Lucy studies the picture round – movie posters with the titles removed – Barry heads to the bar to get some more drinks lined up. By the time he gets back, Lucy has filled in the titles of all the cheesy romcoms and several of the cult classics and is feeling pretty proud of herself. “Question one: How many events form an Olympic heptathlon? “Question Two: Which well-known American actor played Mr Wormwood in the 1996 film Matilda? Guess that’s what having a 7-year-old daughter does for your general knowledge. Instead, Barry turns his charm on the group at the table next door, laughing and joking with them, while Lucy sits in her corner feeling more and more confused and miserable. But she also paid for all the food, which cost way more than a round of drinks.London is simply enormous, with a population of well over 8 million.

And it might be a great way to get to know Barry a bit better, suss out his intelligence, and keep the conversation away from sex for as long as possible. Lucy knew this too, but is happy to let Barry take the credit. Maybe if she stays for one more drink they can thaw the ice that has mysteriously appeared between them, and get back to the easy banter they had before. I think it’s your round.” Is he expecting her to get the drinks?

That’s because this chat accidentally got deleted, so the screen grabs have come from Sophie’s phone.) Sophie’s right.

Maybe Barry and Lucy aren’t the perfect match, but there’s no reason why she can’t enjoy his company and possibly get a little bit of action in there too.

As the quiz progresses, it seems Barry has quite an impressive range of random knowledge for a man who doesn’t even have a basic grasp of grammar. She grabs her phone and texts a follow up to Sophie. And more to the point, the fact they’re even There is a moment’s stand-off, and then Barry huffs and goes to the bar.

He knows the name of the river that runs through Amsterdam (The Amstel). ” “Well, I guess if yer gettin’ some I s’pose I could ‘ave a bit.” Lucy is miffed. And now it seems like he going to eat, but is expecting her to pay. She goes to the bar and orders a selection of hot bar snacks, enough for two people. She’s only mildly cheered up when the food arrives, and then immediately fucked off again when Barry eats half of it, even though he said he wasn’t hungry. They came third – which with only two people on their team is quite an achievement. Lucy debates whether she should just leave, but it’s too late for that now. and then because she’s drunk, and because it’s been a shitty evening and she doesn’t want it to end on a low, and because she came out full of high hopes expecting a stellar date that would end in a kiss, she kisses him back.

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