Ovation serial dating

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This number can be used to date a guitar and in some cases tell where it was made.

Date Your Ovation Se-Si : m ade updated 27/12/2015 : S82: S82 guitars, Salzburg : Seagull.

You can glean much, as mentioned above, from the ovation fan web site. Cheaper foreign made guitars are frequently hard to find information for.

You will not know if your Ovation is one of these special ones until you are looking up the serial number. But for those special Ovations, if you record the entire serial, you can find out tons of neat information about your guitar. Originally Posted by Pastor Steve Ovation serial numbers vary depending on the series. Hover your mouse over the "support" button, then click on the FAQs button once the drop-down box appears.

This is my personal website for displaying photos of my various Ovation guitars.

if anybody could assist me with finding the birthdate of this guitar I would very very much appreciate it. Was one of the first all metal neck with pick-up acoustic guitars. Also it has a vinyl body giving the "Electric Light Orchestra" sound, something you can only get with an Applause or Ovation guitar circa 1970s. The face plate is probably glued so you'll have to use some type of razor blade tool to pry it off, but don't worry about damaging it because one comes with the new pick-up. got a 1974 AA31 had for years havenet played for a while getting ready to put new saddle play it some more dont see to many this model have repaired top to body and added wood block t support rear strap button a thin weak area but overall makes good travel guitair little more info would be great. Now if I could just find someone willing to pay 0!

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Although I don't profess to be an expert on all things Ovation, I do have a passion for their artistic and sonic beauty which I hope you will share.

My collection is always evolving, at one point numbering over 75 guitars.

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