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v Bulletin is a proprietary Internet forum software package sold by MH Sub I, LLC doing business as v Bulletin (formerly Jelsoft Enterprises and v Bulletin Solutions). Internet Brands acquired the product from Jel Soft in 2007.

Here's where shit gets even more predictable: Alex confesses to both girls that he had instant chemistry with them, and tells Brittany that he knew from the moment they met that he was going to choose her.

After a short conversation, the ladies decide whether to walk right and explore their connection with the suitor at a tiki bar, or walk left and return to the bungalows to see if sparks fly with another guy.“In this show the women are very empowered," Burnett said.

More to Love does not seem to be interested in making fun of its subjects; just the opposite, if anything it has a sweet attitude toward them.

Mainly, though, it simply showed that contestants of size on dating shows act like—well, contestants on dating shows.

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