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I was the only person not related to him to show up solely for the groom’s sake.

There was my first sexual partner, who was not actually very sexual.

Being listed as bisexual led to me meeting someone who I didn’t date but whose friendship got me my first office job, which was the springboard that launched me into my career as a technical writer in the software industry.

There was Hot Dog and 40’s Guy, who messaged every person who wasn’t a man and was under 40 within a 50-mile radius, asking them to join him in the park to drink 40’s. and blocked.), he would send repeat messages about how the other person couldn’t hide from him from a string of seemingly endless alt accounts.

For the entire 5-hour Greyhound ride, I listened to Black Liner Run on repeat and cried bitterly, my sobs’ convulsions studiously ignored by my seatmate.

He’d moved away since I’d gotten into that first relationship, but ended up moving back not long after my breakup.There was the guy in Ohio who read my poetry on Ok Cupid Blogs (RIP) and found me. When he told me to come over, it felt like he was praying to me, attempting to summon me with the offering of his love.He spoke to me every night on the phone in a fervent voice, telling me he loved me. When I finally did go over, he smoked me out, gave me my first taste of the intersection of sex and emotion and drugs, then sent me packing.Back then, he was new to polyamory and told me all about it.I was intrigued but convinced that no one open to openness would date me. He initially connected with me through poetry posted on Ok Cupid Blogs, but managed to not break my heart, maybe because he wasn’t always stoned when we spoke.

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