Okcupid dating style quiz

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Before, Ok Cupid was known for finding casual dates or hookups.Today, most members are looking for long-term dating and lifetime partners. In just over three years, it was listed in Time Magazine’s Top 10 dating websites.The growth of the dating site’s member base is consistent over the years, so there is no lack of profiles to look through in.You used to be able to take the tests on but now all the links lead to the okcupid "missing page" page. I really hope you find it somewhere else or that Okcupid puts it back up.I've been taking this test regularly for the last 10 years.Even today, there is a good percentage of active members in the dating site.These members are actively swiping left or right in Double Take, hoping to find a match.

Anyone can send a message, but only when both users like one other will the receiver be able to read the message sent to him or her.

There is a good percentage of members in every age range, but the majority lies in the 25 to 34 range.

Most are young professionals who are looking to pass the time or explore if the app can get them a suitable date.

Each type similarly had four letter codes along with a archetypal character and a short description.

I believe this was the URL for it, but as you can see it's no longer there: Does anyone know of a place where these personality types have been archived?

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