Npr news app not updating

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This guide captures some of our early findings and includes a sample rig as well as tips on recording, editing and publishing.

Our dailygraphics rig offers a fairly lightweight system for developing and deploying small chunks of code-based content, with some useful extras like support for Google Spreadsheets and responsive iframes.

This app is so customizable and comes with a good collection of news sources to draw news report audio from.

And if you have a specific source you would like to add to your collection, you can!

There are two key actionable metrics on the NPR One Dashboards: Every day, people are finding new ways to listen to public radio.

We are excited to share that NPR One will soon be right at home with millions of your listeners on Comcast Xfinity X1.

We will also be presented alongside other major media companies like Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, and i Heart Radio.

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If you've missed any of our recent posts, catch-up on the latest updates: Making NPR One more local, Laying the foundation: your Station Page in NPR One, Seeing and hearing your top podcasts more often.

Albeit, for a buck but hey, it stays with the app once and for all!

Thank you people who made this, you help me keep up to date with global matters and local matters in a fantastic format!

Early in the development of the Swing State Scorecard we determined that we wanted to tell a story about how many combinations (2-state, 3-state) of tossup states there are which would win the election for Obama or Romney.

We're a new team, and we're trying something new (at least for us) as a blog publishing platform: Jekyll, a generator that creates simple, static websites.

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