Not updating reporting services content manager role

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AD Groups reduce maintenance It might be an obvious one, but it’s a basic rule in my opinion.

Development environment security Unlike your production environment you may want to simplify your dev environment’s security to make it easier for developers to deploy & test without running into permissions issues.Security auditing If you’re inheriting an existing environment or even want to overhaul/audit your current security, the following Power Shell script will allow you to quickly output every folder’s security to csv allowing you to analyse erroneous permissions without searching through folders in Report Manager.Targeted Changes Following a security review, you may want to add or remove a single AD account/group across every folder in your environment.This gives you a single place to add/remove people, whether that’s a quarterly task or once every decade.Using AD groups may give you one more step to check “who has access to what” but it makes finding & maintaining those users significantly easier.

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