Niggers dating white folks

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If some wise and brave person calls the makers of the commercial on their anti-White agenda, they can try to weasel their way out by using the excuses I mentioned earlier and then turn around an accuse the whistle blower of being paranoid and racist.

If you look at christmas shoppers in more traditional places (sears, bay, zellers)... It's the college "educated", and the highschool bimbos who got misled by the propaganda taught - and the aggressive non-white males who hit on them ALL the time. Now if you look around at the "trendier" and "hip" stores... It's like every instinct has been overridden by the social engineering.

These commercials featuring interracial couples ( usually a White woman/ Black man or White man/ Asian woman) are a far more effective method of brainwashing people than a speech by Richard Warman or a newspaper essay by Morris Dees.

The reason why is the anti-White speech or essay is usually seen for the anti-White propaganda it really is.

He's licking his lips and talking jive-talk and the white girl is giggling like a little school girl. As the commercial ends, the negros lean in and start kissing their trophy white girls. Ther wasn't a single non-negro male or a single non-white female. Being forced to see all of this filth on TV and seeing it every day in public (in Toronto) is making me sick.Without a job, he won't be able to start, raise and provide for a family, and definitely not a White family.White Males are emasculated, denied jobs and promotions so unqualified minorities and women can benefit. White women are often forced to take economic jobs for their support instead of creating and nurturing a family, or seek a politically correct, non white male to sire her children.Its a subliminal message sent out...more whites see race-mixing in advertising the more casual view they will have towards becomes accepted and they may even eventually engage it in themselves.I know it seems shocking when you first view it...once you understand the purpose and agenda behind it, it becomes quite clear..a destructive agenda designed to exterminate the white race..miscegenating with the Negro, the white race will become more docile and easier to control for'll find that Jews are often behind these type of advertisements.

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