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For example, if a graphic is intended to fill the page width when printed (7.5 inches), it should be at least 2250 pixels wide (7.5 X 300). The background of notated examples should be white without distortion, the staff lines should be clear, and multiple beams distinct.

Provide a logical name for each file, making sure each filename ends with its standard filename extension (e.g., .png, .gif, .jpg) so that we will know how best to open it. “Segmentation and Process in Post-Tonal Music.” Music Theory Spectrum 3 (1): 54–73. Footnotes should be reserved for prose annotation of references, discursive asides, or a relatively large number of references (more than three), and not merely for one or two references.

We look for work that makes a new contribution to scholarship on theory and analysis, situates its contribution within the existing published research on the topic, and is well organized and clearly written. Authors may submit their articles in Word or other readable text format, as a PDF document, or in HTML.

Submissions must not have been published elsewhere nor be under consideration by any other journal while they are under review by MTO. Submissions should be carefully proofread and submitted in the clearest, most readable format possible.

You need to know an event number(s) to include in the report or cover letter when you are submitting an assessment report; or when you wish to request the retrieval of a registered document that has been previously recorded against a tenure.

Description of codes used throughout MTO for transaction event How to view payment receipts Acquire/Register a mineral or placer claim Instructions on renewing your free miner certificate (FMC).

Some sample references are included below, but authors should consult chapter 15 of the Chicago Manual of Style (16th ed.) for more detailed explanations of bibliographic entries. “An Analysis of Polyrhythm in Selected Improvised Jazz Solos.” In Concert Music, Rock, and Jazz since 1945: Essays and Analytical Studies, ed. For other explanations or definitions of groove, see Keil and Feld 1994, 22–24; Pressing 2002, 288; and Pond 2005, 206n41.

MTO style departs from CMS style in that we no longer include cities of publication in the bibliographic information.

Potential authors are welcome to contact the editor to discuss their ideas. MTO aims to publish brief, but timely reviews of scholarly books and textbooks. Length alone is generally not a factor in publication decisions, however. Flash is no longer encouraged.) Authors are welcome to discuss their ideas with the editor in advance. If topical, they should be general in nature (e.g., rhythm, form, acoustics, etc.), or should identify a genre discussed substantively in the article (e.g., sonata, symphony).

The reviewers will provide detailed reports on the article, normally within 6–8 weeks, and make one of the recommendations below.

If the reviewers do not agree, the editors will make a determination or in some cases commission a third review. If your article is accepted, you will need to ensure that it conforms to our journal style guidelines below (if it does not already).

For copyediting, we will need editable files of the article’s text in or format.

We ask authors to review copyediting changes within 3–5 days, or within 5–7 days if the copyediting is substantial. After copyediting, the article will be sent to the managing editor and assistants for web formatting.

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